Online courses for students save the time and money; they are a certain motivation for teachers and provide a space for different forms of educations, monitoring and assessment and evaluation of knowledge.

Training of new students

Teach the new students to work quickly and efficiently with the training programme, e-learning and evaluation systems, international projects, etc.

Support of the study

E-learning can be used as a supporting system alongside with contact education. It provides a platform for sharing of study materials, presentations in different applications, etc.

ICT and IT training

Students will acquire ICT and IT skills; they can also learn to work with specialised software applications used and needed in their field of study.


Teachers and students can exchange knowledge, experiences and insights and gain the latest information; they can discuss different issues.

Testing of knowledge

In E-learning, students and teachers receive automated and instant results of their knowledge assessment and evaluation of their progress.

Individual learning pace

Each student chooses their individual learning pace – they can revisit difficult topics, revise the acquired knowledge, etc.