Since 2005, our E-learning solution WebJET LMS has been used by more than 90 000 students at basic schools, high schools and universities within the programme of JA Slovensko.

  • More than 90 000 students since E-learning deployment
  • More than 10 000 active students during an academic year
  • Used by 85%  of high schools
  • Used by 15% of basic schools
  • Annually more than 600 active teachers
  • University study crash-courses




WebJET LMS offers a full-feature LMS solution with tools for multimedia courses, communication with lecturers/gestors, course planning, testing of students and their certification.



You can divide your textbooks into chapters, format them, and insert images and multimedia elements. It is as easy as working in MS Word.

Questions and homework

Interactive communication between teachers and students, in which the students answer pre-defined questions. It simulates the school examinations.

Test yourself

Self-tests for students consisting of randomly selected questions from particular chapter. The tests help students to prepare for their final test.

Gradually opened chapters

Teachers can set up gradual opening of the chapters for students based on correct answering of questions and completing the tasks.

Testing by teachers

Teachers can create a test at any time; they can choose chapters, set up the time limit and appoint students. After the completion of tests, teachers see the results immediately.


At the end of training, students may be asked to complete a final test. Successful students should obtain a certificate.




High quality LMS and LCMS systems

We have been developing and providing our LMS and LCMS systems for years. Our systems meet the international standards SCORM and IMS QTI.

Online courses

E-learning courses, tailor-made courses, ready-to-use courses, custom courses. Each customer has different requirements and needs. We can satisfy all of them.

Individual approach

Ke každému zákazníkovi přistupujeme individuálně, proto je vždy prvním krokem profesionální analýza potřeb našich zákazníků.

Multimedia training programmes

We design and deliver comprehensive educational platforms for education and content management with integrated authorial tools and learning management systems.