Website for store offering security technology, accumulators etc. with e-shop connected to IS Cézar.
  • webdesign in WebJET CMSwebdesign in WebJET CMS
  • programming of componentsprogramming of components
  • electronic catalogueelectronic catalogue
  • e-shope-shop
  • e-learninge-learning
  • newsletternewsletter
Internet: www.elnika.cz
Dokončeno: 2018

Solution is built on modern CMS WebJET Proffessional with added modules for newsletter processing (DistributionList) and attribute creation for products (Attributes, it is used eg for product comparison). Orders are regularly sent to IS Cézar, where prices and stock are regularly updated and orders and invoices are distributed to the client section so that the regular customer has an overview of all his activities.